About Timberwolf New Media

About our Company

Timberwolf New Media is guided by the view that we can help our clients to succeed in their online ventures.
We are grateful to have many, long-standing relationships with customers and within the industry.  We also pride ourselves on our responsiveness to clients and maintaining the highest levels of client satisfaction. 

At Timberwolf New Media we understand that all of our clients have specific and unique needs as well as varying budgets for their specific projects.  Since we know this we have developed pricing structures and services that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of a particular client's project.  We work with our clients over time in a goal oriented atmosphere to help them in the short and long term natures of their business. 

Our specialized services, reasonable rates, customized services and our support services allow our customers to remain dynamic in an every changing business world.

With our goals being our client's success and a long term working relationship you can be assured that we will work for and with you to achieve the most favorable results possible.

Industry Leaders We Work With

Below you can find a few of the companies we work with in order to bring success to our clients.  We work with many others besides just these.

1. Godaddy Domain Services
2. Netsuite Hosted ERP/CRM Solution
3. BigCommerce Hosted E-Commerce.
4. Paypal Payment Solutions.
5. Authorize.net Payment Solutions.
6. Modelbook Social Networking.
7. XactMedia Graphic and Design Services.
8. Digital Ocean High Quality Webhosting Services.
9. Hootsuite Social Media.
10. Google Adwords Advertising Platform.